21st Aug 2012


Seddon Construction and NatWest have joined forces to pilot a ‘one stop shop’ green retrofit service to help care home providers futureproof their properties.

The service will help care sector clients save money and reduce their carbon footprint by delivering a bespoke retrofit package based on a detailed audit of their buildings.

Low-carbon technology specialist Seddon provides the technical construction expertise while NatWest, which works with 40 per cent of the UK care home market either as landlord or lender, manages the funding arrangements.

The pilot scheme is being launched to care home providers nationwide. In partnership with NatWest, Seddon plans to roll out the retrofit service across the UK.

"Futureproofing their properties in a cost-effective way is a concern for a large number of care home operators,” says Seddon Construction business development manager Matthew Sorrigan. "The sector also wants to make the most of government schemes such as the Feed-in Tariff and the planned Renewable Heat Incentive. In contrast to the niche services offered by many construction companies operating in the renewable energy sector, we are offering a one-stop shop service where we assess the client’s needs, develop a bespoke package of measures, undertake the construction work and help provide the finance.”

Seddon’s comprehensive range of energy-efficiency solutions will include fabric improvements to improve thermal efficiency and air tightness; measures for cutting electricity consumption such as automatic and low-energy lighting systems and more energy-efficient heating systems.

Ian Hardcastle, head of UK healthcare at NatWest, says: "We are looking forward to working with Seddon on this new initiative aimed at supporting the care sector in current times of flat revenue and rising operating costs.”

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