Our Achievements

Seddon invests significantly in staff employment and training. Most recently, we have enhanced our training department by the appointment of a dedicated Head of Training, Tony Costello, who works closely with our HR Department ensuring training and development is successfully implemented.

  • 6000 hours of work experience given
  • 96 training & employment events offered
  • 87 apprentices employed
  • 3.1 training days held per each employee
  • 21.1% of new starters were apprentices/trainees
  • 1,560 college & University placements days
  • 85% of workforce hold CSCS cards
  • 1.25% above industry average Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) score
  • 350 of our employees successfully completed accredited courses
  • 2150 training days provided for employees
  • 26.3% of the company’s operating profit invested in training
  • 5538 apprentice training days provided by our subcontractors on Seddon sites

Community and Environment Achievements

Seddon is committed to creating a positive impact within the communities in which it is involved. This commitment takes many forms such as direct contributions by fund raising events, assistance with community days, direct assistance via workforce and introduction of environment initiatives.

  • 16% of the company’s operating profit invested in CSR initiatives
  • £77k monies raised/donated to charitable causes
  • £7.23 value created for every £1 we spend on CSR initiatives
  • 18 charity events organised
  • 45 community & Ministry of Fun events
  • 12 CSR awards presented
  • 33 communities benefited by Seddon CSR involvement
  • 98.65% waste recycled at WTS Bolton & Circle
  • 13,000 KG CO2 emissions saved - environmental improvements equivalent to 43 trees being planted or to 99,000 light bulbs powered for one day