• Regional strengths, national coverage.
    Each office has its own character and personality but ultimately we all believe in the same vision.
  • History.
    Five generations of the Seddon family and 2 centuries of work and investment.
  • Culture.
    We're proud of our inclusive culture. Our values of family, modesty, ethics, wider view and respect are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Community.
    We reinvest the equivalent of a massive 25% of our profit into communities.
  • Responsibility.
    We are a great employer and take our responsibilities for safety, sustainability and ethics very seriously.
  • Personal and career development.
    We invest in the potential of our people; we're committed to high-quality development and the future of our people.
  • Financial Stability.
    We a have solid financial track record, stable trading history and one of the best credit ratings in the industry.
  • Scope of Services.
    We deliver a wide range of projects across different sectors, each one different in delivery, scale and functionality.
  • Progression.
    We invest in the continuous professional development of all employees.
  • A clear vision.
    We’ve not been around for 121 years without forward planning, we’re adaptable, capable of making decisions and embracing change.
  • Fun, inspiring and challenging place to work.
    With an emphasis on well-being and family life
  • Our People.
    Are dedicated, experienced, customer-oriented, trustworthy, creative, determined, practical, reliable, considerate, diverse, and great to work with.