In the last 14 years we have recruited 320 apprentices and our retention rate is 97%. 

We believe in ‘training for the industry’ which is why have dedicated over 81 years and have helped over 3,350 people get started in their construction careers since 1937. 

Seddon annually employs apprentices of all ages and helps them work towards an advanced level apprenticeship; learning practical, work-related tasks which develop the skills and knowledge to do their job effectively, supplemented by short courses.

Training is undertaken on a day release and block release basis through local colleges. Your training period is usually 3 to 4 years.

In addition to your qualification, you will:

  • Work alongside an Apprentice Manager who will act as your mentor throughout your apprenticeship and who will liaise with your college directly, ensuring your personal learning and development is constantly monitored.
  • Be given the opportunity of working on-site 4 days a week, alongside trades people who have done exactly what you are doing; offering you continued support and guidance.
  • Fast-track development of vital work skills.
  • Create the foundations for a lifelong rewarding career in the trade of your choice, fully supported by industry leaders.